prosperity through identification, development and harnessing of human capital in Jammu and Kashmir

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Ascent Group is an umbrella organization for human capital development in J&K. Ascent Group focuses on developing a highly skilled manpower through education, training and mentoring. The goal of the organization is to be a part of the virtuous cycle of human capital development in elevating the standard of living in J&K through employability, reinvestment and entrepreneurship. Ascent Group would focus on inclusion based on pure merit and potential of an individual and does not discriminate based on religion, caste, creed, gender or colour. Individuals chosen for any of the Ascent Group programs would be groomed to unlock their economic potential individually through role model inspiration, specialized training and bridging resources. Individuals that receive good guidance and mentorship are likely to reciprocate and reinvest in the J&K society; this plants the seeds of broader economic development.

The group intends to provide training and mentoring for following competitive examinations

  • Indian Administrative Services
  • Kashmir Administrative Services
  • IIT Joint Entrance Examination

The primary focus of the group is to provide preparatory courses for national and state level civil services examinations.


  • Advocate merits of higher education and specialized training in J&K to increase employability
  • Increase participation of J&K citizens in public, private and NGO sectors economies as a highly skilled manpower
  • Develop management and leadership potential amongst the best & the brightest
  • Encourage entrepreneurship
  • Provide resources for mentorship & networking to brighten career potential for trainees
  • Integrate J&K into the global economy by inculcating marketable skills & experiential knowledge

Advisory Board

  • Prof. Riyaz Punjabi - Vice Chancellor,Kashmir University
  • Mr. Veera Raghavan - President, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
  • Ms. Sushma Choudhary - IAS (Retd)
  • Prof. Amitabh Mattoo - Member, Knowledge Commission of India & Prof/Dean JNU
  • Prof. Sidiq Wahid - Vice Chancellor, Islamic University of Science & Technology
  • Mr. Ashok Ogra - Director, Apeejay Group
  • Ms. Abanti Rooma Sharma - Entrepreneur,New Delhi
  • Mr. Shakeel Qalandar - Entrepreneur, J&K
  • Mr. Murad Pandit - Entrepreneur, USA
  • Mr. M.S. Pandit, IAS (Retd) - Convenor,Board of Advisors Ascent Group


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